Photoshop for Wildlife

Buy (for download) $150.00 / Rent (1 month) $75.00

A tutorial showing how I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my wildlife photography. Covering everything from basic RAW editing, using shortcuts to speed up workflow, advantages of a graphics tablet vs. using a mouse or trackpad, how to leverage the layer mask for precision editing, advanced selection methods, creating basic actions to speed up workflow, precise dodging and burning methods, removal of small distractions, precise color correction and image enhancement using adjustment layers and the removal of large distractions.

Lightroom Workflow for Wildlife

Buy (for download) $45.00 / Rent (1 months) $15.00

A tutorial showing how I use Adobe Lightroom to organize, edit and share my wildlife photography. This covers everything from overall Lightroom workflow, organizational structure, importing, culling, color correcting and other photo editing, and lastly sharing your photos online efficiently.