Over the past few years I have put together many different photo stories.  Some are just collections of photos with a theme that tie them together, others are more in depth stories that are from a particular trip or outing.  Some are very short and quick to read and view and with some of the stories I have included a good amount of writing to try to help tell the story along with the included photos.  I currently publish these photo stories on 3 different platforms each with their own strengths.  Please take the time to explore these stories on one or many of the platforms listed below.



Exposure has the best quality viewing experience in my opinion.  The photos look amazing on a large high resolution monitor, even when viewed full screen.  It has a wonderful community of high quality photographers as well. This is the place to go if you want to see the photos in all the detailed glory.

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Medium might be one of the best storytelling experiences of the group.  Medium was mostly created for written content so the writing tool and layout options are beautifully done but it sure isn't bad with photos either, which is why I adopted it as another platform to publish my photo stories.  Head on over to Medium for a great community with tons of additional content.

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Maptia is the newest of the bunch and I'm currently working on publishing my back-catalog of stories here and it seems to really have promise. The goal of Maptia is to explore photo stories based on location.  Stories can be found based on different locations around the world and it's a very fun way to explore.  

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