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Advanced Wildlife Photography - Year Round - $1,000

$1,000 for an individual

$750 each for 2 participants (must attend at same time)

Workshop available as  2 - eight hour days or 3 - five hour days.

Take your wildlife, specifically bird photography to the next level.  For both beginner or intermediate photographers, learn what it takes to conceptualize, find, capture and post process great wildlife photography.  You will learn not just tips and tricks but the foundation to consistently create great wildlife photography. While it will include some in the field shooting this is not a workshop designed for you to see any specific wildlife. This workshop is designed to give you the skills you need to go out on your own and create beautiful and engaging wildlife imagery.  This workshop will be very hands on and you will not be sitting indoors simply talking about camera setting and technique, you will be putting everything to use as you learn it and have ample time to practice.  Please review all the topics that will be covered in depth below and if you are ready to start creating great wildlife images click the button above and schedule your workshop!

What you will learn:

Day 1

  • Additional Equipment - learn what other equipment besides the camera and lenses are recommended to acquire great wildlife photos
  • Basic thru advanced camera settings - learn how to best set your camera for different scenarios
  • Exposure - learn how to properly expose images and what exposure modes are best for different scenarios
  • Focus - learn how to achieve sharp photos with static or moving subjects
  • Composition - learn how to create interesting compositions utilizing space, background, foreground and depth-of-field
  • Lighting - learn how to properly use front, side and back light and what scenarios are good for each
  • Birds in flight and action - learn how to capture fast moving birds in action, including in flight

Day 2

  • Getting close to wildlife - learn techniques to get close to wildlife including stalking and using hides

  • Culling - learn how to properly narrow down your best photos

  • Basic processing - learn how to do a basic overall color correction on your photo using Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop

  • Advanced Photoshop techniques - learn how to remove distracting elements and fine tune the color correction process for an image that pops and looks clean

  • Pre visualizing and preparing to create a photo - learn how to choose a target, plan location, timing and access and make a photo happen

  • Review of everything, Q&A and with any remaining time there will be more photography in the field

Preparation and Requirements:

  • Must have your own camera and lenses
  • Must have your own laptop for editing purposes that you can bring with you
  • The techniques learned in this workshop are applicable to any wildlife photography but will be mainly focused on birds

  • Recommended to have a basic knowledge of how to operate your camera

  • Adobe Lightroom and or Photoshop are what I use and what I will be teaching.  A basic knowledge of one or both of these pieces of software are required.  If you use none or different software to process your photos contact me to discuss options.

  • Bring any additional photography gear you have that relates to wildlife photography

  • Be prepared for and able to process a lot of information. Bring something to take notes on. I will provide you with an outline of what we discussed but it will not be a detailed description of everything we talk about, this is going to be very hands on and you will be learning by practicing.

What I will Provide:

  • Location for learning photography that will include field, forest and water habitats
  • Additional equipment suggestions will be on hand for you to try
  • You will be practicing each new setting and technique until you fully understand it, the workshop is intended to allow time for this style of learning
  • I currently use Nikon gear but am familiar with Canon and will be happy to do my best to learn whatever camera system you currently use.  Please contact me to discuss other camera brands before booking.
  • I wil be happy to answer any question you may have regarding any aspect of wildlife photography
  • Booking this workshop will also include access to any two additional group workshops that I will be holding during the year that you attend.