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Belted Kingfisher - Year Round - $250

$250 for up to 3 hours

Have you ever wished you could capture an up close and personal portrait of the elusive Belted Kingfisher?  Join me for a session with this wonderful bird anytime of year at a small pond in southern New Jersey. For the last year I have been documenting this cooperative male Belted Kingfisher and have been lucky enough to capture him just sitting around, with fish in his beak, and once even while he devoured a small frog.

I will set you up in a blind in your location of choice (3 options) and in a nice chair so hours of sitting will somewhat comfortable.  Morning or afternoon sessions are available and the Kingfisher is usually around all day long. Since there is only 1 bird and you will be trying to get him to land on one specific branch I will be offering a special deal on this outing.  You only have to pay the $25 deposit until you are able to get a good photo opportunity with this bird.  I'll invite you back until that happens.  Even with a bird this cooperative I have still spent a few visits siting in the hide for hours and he never lands in the right spot so be ready for that to happen.  There will usually be other birds to watch and photograph on the pond from the blind so it doesn't get too boring. 


  • Lenses from 300mm to 600mm recommended
  • I recommend a tripod to keep the lens pointed in the right direction and require less movement.
  • Morning outings you will have to arrive at sunrise, for afternoons 3 hours prior to sunset
  • I also recommend dark clothing to be less visible in the hide, if it's cold a hat and gloves can also be helpful

What to Expect: 

  • You will be in a portable blind for many hours as motionless and quiet as possible
  • Most often the Belted Kingfisher will be spending time at the pond so you can usually hear him and often watch him as he moves around the pond often fishing here and there.  It's a small pond so most of it will be visible.
  • The photo sessions with this bird can be as little at 10-15 seconds at a time.  Other times he has landed on the perch and sat there for many minutes.  You will have to be ready to shoot the entire time you are in the hide.

What I will Provide: 

  • The location, I can suggest where he has been most active.
  • A portable blind.  I have a two person blind that is the nicest to shoot from or if you prefer I have two separate camo throw blanket blinds so you can be in your own blind. 
  • A chair for you to sit comfortably
  • Suggestions on lighting conditions based on the weather that day as well as what style of lighting you prefer (front, side, back-lit)
  • Tips and suggestions on how to photograph the Kingfisher.
  • The cost of this outing includes up to 3 hours in the blind but it's your choice if you want to stay that long.
  • If you do not get an opportunity to photograph the Kingfisher on your chosen perch then you can return as many times as necessary to make that happen.

You can view some photos I have taken of this bird as well as a video below of some of his activity.  If you would like to book a session click the Book and Outing button at the top and I hope to have you join me watching and photographing this amazing bird.