Weekly Private Workshops

My weekly workshops are a unique opportunity to get out in the field to learn and photograph wildlife with me.  One of the hardest challenges of offering wildlife workshops is finding a location that guarantees the target wildlife during a certain time of year.  That is not an easy task to achieve.  So many variables can change the timing or location of where wildlife can be found and photographed.  With this in mind I tried to come up with a way to offer many different year round workshops at a reasonable price.  

Here is how it works.  I'll post in the calendar below when I'll be trying to go out for a specific species of bird or wildlife.  If you are available and would like to try to photograph the species(s) listed as the target for the day you can join me.  Any workshop can be booked for $200 unless another price is stated in the listed event. It will be a private 1-on-1 workshop where we will both be photographing the target species.  I have many outings where I get the target and walk away with photos to share but of course with wildlife there are times that I go after a target and do not find or get any good photos. If this happens on an outing with me you will not have to pay.  The listed workshops are the places that I want to go and shoot whatever I'm after that time of year.  I will be trying to get good photos myself but will be helping you to get them as well.  So this is different then my private 1-on-1 workshops in that I'll be shooting as well. Just like my private 1-on1 workshops though I will be teaching you everything I know and helping you with settings and answering any questions you have.

There are a few stipulations that go along with these workshops.  I reserve the right to cancel them at any time, up until the night before a morning outing or up to 3 hours before an afternoon/evening outing.  The workshop can be cancelled for any reason but will usually be due to weather.  There is no deposit required and a workshop will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  If you have reserved a workshop with me you can cancel at any time, please just let me know so I'm not waiting around.  The exact location will be provided to you only once you reserve a workshop.  If you do not arrive at the location at the determined starting time I will start without you and it will be on you to find me in the field. As I mentioned I'm going to these locations to photograph wildlife myself as well. That's pretty much it.  So check out the calendar below and click the reserve button above if you would like to join me.  The calendar will only be scheduled roughly 1-2 weeks in advance since that is about how far ahead I plan my outings.  I hope to have you join me some day.